Monday, November 30, 2009

"War is Menstrual Envy"

I am currently reading this book which i would recommend to anyone who is interested in underground film, post-punk or No Wave scenes. I have been struggling to find my voice, if I have one at all, in film and this book is really enlightening for those who want to contribute to the "other" cinema.

i found this to be one of the most profound and relevant things i have thought about in a while...especially concerning my recent body of work and interests:

"Sexuality tends to receive its representation in terms of the immoral precisely because of the fact that it is dialectically perceived as having a tendency to expose inter relationships between and within people, rather than differences."


james rhys said...
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james rhys said...

interesting I hadn't thought of it that way before. sexuality establishes a human bond the immediate energy of which dwarfs the social, a privileged space of twoness antipodal to the sociality of contractually-bound individuals.. sex is simultaneously the condition of the possibility of human society/history (reproduction) and the ultimate threat to its phenomenological ground, hence the portrayal as immoral..? but I don't understand in what sense the author is using the word difference.. I guess I need to read the book.