Friday, November 13, 2009

Single White Females

Second-Floor is pleased to present SWF Seeks Same, a group exhibition featuring Vanessa Albury, Cara Benedetto, Catherine Czacki, Jamie Diamond, Kathryn Garcia, Melissa Greenberg, Matt Greene, Nadja Verena Marcin, Natalie Rodgers, Geogia Sagri and Dena Yago. The exhibition will take place in two parts and features a number of new collaborative works that delve into obsession and the double.

The exhibition was originally inspired by the 1992 film “Single White Female”, starring Bridget Fonda as “Allie” and Jennifer Jason Leigh as her roommate “Hedy”. While living together Allie quickly becomes the object of Hedy’s obsession-not only does Hedy appropriate Allie’s clothes (initially at her suggestion), but she also assumes her name and identity. Their relationship falls apart, however, when Hedy's obsession quickly turns into psychotic behavior, pointing to the fragile relationship between the subject's identity and that which she desires. The artists in SWF Seeks Same not only consider the rupture between subject and object, but also the ways in which identity can be projected, consumed and replicated.

Vanessa Albury
Cara Benedetto
Catherine Czacki
Jamie Diamond
Kathryn Garcia
Melissa Greenberg
Matt Greene
Nadja Verena Marcin
Natalie Rodgers
Georgia Sagri
Dena Yagojj

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