Saturday, February 28, 2009

dont kill me kill you

In 1964 Dutch artist Pieter Engels started up a funeral home by the name of ENIO. The catalog of its products and services featured also a series of Electric suicide pieces for both sexes: shoes for the gents and erotic toy for the ladies.

doggie style

Click me or ill woof on you!

be my bridez

more muse ickk

this website is so amazing. It is a timeline with links to the history of electronic music making from music machine...korg...mega!

Daito Manabe makes music with his face:

DOWNLOAD THE FILES to make music with your own purty face here's the zip file:

music make you smile
smiling make music
wink wink...beep beep


im trying to get all 9 or 12 or however many roomates i have into starting a band using computer interactive music with our computers on our laps during practice we will all stay warm n toasty and forget that new york has been so cold its making my heart and my butt freeze.

*thanks to jesse hlebo for unconsiously leading me to my future music ensemble

and while your surfin the interweb check out his awesome online magazine here where he interviews awesomers like lucky dragons and david scott stone:


there are some things that make you wanna barf at humanity...this is one of them. I'm searching for his female counterpart: the woman with a billion blow up men...let me know if you find her. He has so many sex dolls they might just take over the world and kill us all. thank goodness my house is pretty much a bomb shelter...people beware of the functional but not quite accurate vagina having killer mafia. entertain me weirdosz.