Wednesday, September 16, 2009

it has been quite a long while

i have been working so hard hoisting the flag of the slave ship. It has been a pretty intense and insane 2 weeks. i am definitely positively of the factual persuasion when i say that i have never been so tired or exhausted in all my 25 years. Never again do i want to work that much ever. ever. 18 hours a day..sewing, dyeing fabrics, hoisting rolls of pleated satin viscose, vomiting every once in a while from using markers (yes markers) to color a trim for a garment...insanity and absurdity. While i think i actually felt how it feels to die yesterday...i managed to live through it and i guess i am surprised?
i thought i might die. this sounds silly but im not being comical...the day before the show i passed out from exhaustion and had to revive myself by sticking my head out of the window of the 8th floor of our sample room..and then i lay my whole body (beddy bye styles) out on a stoop for an hour contemplating hospitalization.

This all sounds horrible but the fashion world is just such. I love everyone that i work with at marc but the main thing that i have been thinking about this whole season is the fact that i am interested in things that are more revolutionary.

This is what i have been thinking about the last month..and more of course.
now back to reality and friends and love and life and culture.
im ready.
gimme some sugar cause im baking some smart cookies!
nat nat

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