Sunday, September 27, 2009




I ran into an awesome human last night whom i had not seen in a long time. Ryder Ripps, a brilliant human and artist clued me in on his newest project: Internet Archaeology.
According to the mission statement:
Internet Archaeology seeks to explore, recover, archive and showcase the graphic artifacts found within earlier Internet Culture. Established in 2009, the chief purpose of Internet Archaeology is to preserve these artifacts and acknowledge their importance in understanding the beginnings and birth of an Internet Culture. We focus on graphic artifacts only, with the belief that images are most culturally revealing and immediate. Most of the files in our archive are in either JPG or GIF format and are categorized by either still or moving image, they are then arranged in various thematic subcategories. Currently, a major focus of Internet Archaeology is on the archiving and indexing of images found on Geocities websites, as their existence has been threatened by parent company Yahoo; who plans to discontinue the service by October 26, 2009. Internet Archaeology is an ongoing effort which puts preservation paramount. Unlike traditional archaeology, where physical artifacts are unearthed; Internet Archaeology's artifacts are digital, thus more temporal and transient. Yet we believe that these artifacts are no less important than say the cave paintings of Lascaux. They reveal the origins of a now ubiquitous Internet Culture; showing where we have been and how far we have come. Internet Archaeology was founded by Ryder Ripps, who currently acts as the curator at large.

I am so gratefully happy that Ryder has decided to take on this huge and necessary project. We take advantage of the fact that the internet is so fast and evolutionary. We forget that the internet was created by humans and I for one, would hope that the things that i have posted, created, and discovered from the internet were not forgotten..i am thinking of doing an archaeological dig of my own internet history. Thanks Ryder and i look forward to seeing the future of the history!

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dude this is awesome!!