Sunday, January 31, 2010


last night i had the pleasure of attending the last screening of THE POSTERS CAME FROM THE WALLS in los angeles. This film is a documentary on the fans of DEPECHE MODE. Not only did it allow us to spend some pathetic yet magical moments with fans around the world, but it enlightened me about how DM fans in Iran, Russsia, Germany, Mexico City, Romania, etc. experienced the music in a epic sort of way. Some highlights are the notebooks of a Russian fan Masha in which she and her friend created a fictional comic of what their lives would be like if they were married to dave gahan and martin gore...these were spectacular....

another highlight was the celebration of DAVE DAY in Russia and the parties they throw for Dave Gahan on his birthday. Russian fans seem to connect with the music in an intense intense intense way...dedicated.

Also, the stories of revolution in russia and germany in which DM had just come out with their 101 album...seemed to coincide with new music/new such a beautiful way. A man in Iran tells his story of how it took him forever just to find a poster of DM or even a bootleg tape...because the music was and is still not accepted..people are beaten for listening to dance music and it is still not easy to just go out and buy a DM record..which is INSANITY!!

try and see this is really beautifully made and it will make you feel a connection to humanity...PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE

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