Monday, July 20, 2009

music mood

if my music mood was a color right now it would be the color of a hologram.

the videos arent really relevant i just think its easier to listen to music on a you tube.

how much do you love the -girl with a good dancey voice and dude who doesnt sing but has a deep voice like a robot with ripped abs-songs of the 90s! I DO I DO I DO.
..untz untz

AND this song...any song that starts with words that arent really words is a hit. DABBA dabba de.
plus, i feel that when i heard this song when i was like 13 i felt that she was really speaking to me and that it really was my night and that everything WAS gonna be alright and whoa oh. DANCE FREE TIL THE MORNING LIGHT my friends

i really love this next song because they remixed one of the cheesiest songs with some crazy acid trip dance fit that i cant help but be excited. I sometimes think that a perfect balance is one of cheese and crazy.

goodnight dancing queens.
na t t tttttttttttttt UH le he he eeee


Natalie said...

hiiii, wawwwww we have exactly the same name! Natalie Rodgers. Visit my blog! I was born in Israel but i live in Argentine, and you?

james rhys said...

holy god. I didn't think anyone else connoisseured 90s shitpop vocal house tracks. AMBER. I djed this song in japan all winter.
and if everything is not alright you can always FLY AWAY